Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Well, It's becoming quite obvious that this year will end in major deficit.  My peppers are kind of small.  My beets are my only sale to the CSA so far.  My watermelon and cantaloupe were utter failures.  There are two inch high cantaloupe seedlings as of mid July.  I might get a pumpkin out of the deal, which we will totally enjoy carving.    I do not see this deficit as failure however because: a) Between the classes and mentoring, I am getting an education far more valuable than the money it is costing me.  b) my kids are getting the fresh air, sunshine and exercise that I am always nagging them to get.   c) the carrots and tomatoes have been plentiful and delicious. Enjoyable and a slight savings in grocery bills. d) there is the difficult to measure cost-benefit of all the other expensive activities I didn't have to take the kids to, to get them out of the house, like parking at the ocean, museums entrance fees, or what-have-you.

I was at the farmers market the other day, as a customer, and the other farmer's crops were intimidatingly plentiful.  They had pretty baskets and displays.  I'll need to buy some pretty baskets next year if I sell.  I have the tent and table though, which is a start.

I have quite a few cherry tomatoes which I'm thinking of packaging in environmentally harmful Styrofoam trays and selling for $2, because we won't be able to eat them all.  That might make my total profit this year $150, as compared to my expenses of well over $1000.  Yeah, the government subsidy of small farmers is making more sense to me at this moment.  Not that small farmers should be as inexperienced and incompetent as me, but it's quite obvious how small the profit margins are in this industry and we need to support our local organic farmers, both for the health benefits they provide to the community and to lower our dependence of foreign oil.


  1. at our local farmer's market, the vendors often display their wares in quart berry baskets, then empty them into plastic or paper bags. That might be a savings to you in the long run especially if you can find someone to donate berry baskets to you.

  2. Oh, yeah. I definitely wouldn't give them the baskets.