Monday, July 19, 2010

What to have before you start

Here is a list of what I will make sure I have before I start next year based on what I've learned this year.  I'll add to it as I come across more things.

  • dirt rake and shovel (both provided by New Entry for those of you, reading this, who are in the program).
  • your own weed wacker and goggles
  • seeds
  • garden gloves (I don't usually wear them, but it's a nice option).
  • stakes 
  • a hammer (for the stakes)
  • sunscreen if you're light skinned or have young children
  • fertilizer and a bin to keep it in and tarp to put over said bin
  • Baskets for harvest
  • A tent and table for the farmers market
  • A watering can in case you have problems with the drip tape like I did
  • work boots and work pants: either jeans/overalls or dickies or a mechanic suit.
  • drip tape and plastic

 You should also have a backpack to wear in the field containing:
  • bottled water
  • twine
  • scissors for cutting twine and crops that regrow and occasionally other things too.  (You'd be surprised).
  • rubber bands for banding the crops when harvesting and the one occasion when you stupidly forget to put your hair in a pony tail
  • baby wipes to wipe the sweat off your face when it starts dripping in your eyes, making them burn and reducing your visibility
  •  cell phone
  • bug spray

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