Saturday, July 10, 2010

A wee bit of a hypocrit

Hey, I'm not a perfect environmentalist.  I'm a work in progress.  But I have to admit I feel guilty when I'm working on the farm guzzling my disposable bottle of Poland Springs water.  yeah.  That's bad.  I know.  There's the whole "island-of-plastic-the-size-of-Hawaii floating around the Pacific" aspect to it.  And there's the whole "It's a human rights travesty to charge money for water" aspect.  And the whole "We're ravaging beautiful rural New Hampshire out of greed" aspect.  And the whole: "it requires 7 times as much water as is in the bottle to produce and transport it" aspect.  Soooo, I basically need to get my act together and not use those.  We buy them in the summer for beach trips but they are addicting and you keep using them for other things.  Otherwise we drink generic brand bottled gallon water, which isn't great, but it's a step up.  Our city water is actually very very good.  But there is a tiny bit of a taste difference and in the end that makes a big difference.  Sometimes we'll run out of bottled gallons and switch for a day or two and I always plead the case to my husband that we should permanently switch.  And he always says that I'm free to switch, but everyone else is still going to drink the bottled water.  And he gets me every time, because I can't resist it if it's there.

As for the other options:
  • We've done Brita filters but they aren't very feasible for a family of six and I get kind of grossed out at the thought of them getting algae or slimy on the sides.
  • Delivered 5 gallon bottles- which are reused every time, so there's no waste: We did this for a few years until I discovered (to my horror) that the bottles have BPA in them.  I could have died when I saw that.  I read a study that says that girls whose mothers drank from BPA bottles during pregnancy had a more mean and aggressive tendencies.  And I, of course, drank it my whole pregnancy with my daughter.
  • We've never tried filters attached to the tap.  It's a viable option for us to consider.

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