Monday, July 19, 2010


This weekend's trip to the farm was fairly uneventful except for the fact that someone stole most of our lemongrass!  There were only two of the eight left!  And I think those were left because they blended in with the weeds next to them.  It's quite bizarre because the field is behind a locked gate (usually) and even more strange because only a very small percentage of people would even recognize what it is, let alone know how to cook with it.  It definitely wasn't an animal because it was gone down to the root.  And the bottom end is hard like a stick, I doubt an animal could even eat it.  And the holes seemed to be filled in.  So it's a mystery.  But I live by a philosophy in which I always "assign positive intent", which means that in every situation you always assume the best of a person.  So in this situation I'm going to assume that they really needed it and couldn't afford it, in which case I would have given it to them anyway.  Or maybe it was just some crazy teenager being silly.  Because my husband was once one of those crazy teenagers who, on occasion, took a chicken from farms actually quite near mine right now, brought it home and ate it.  So, if it was a someone just fooling around like that I can forgive them too because it's a stage some people go through and I guess in some sort of Karma way we owe it to the world anyway.

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