Friday, July 30, 2010

Q)   How can you tell if a plant is a "mustard"*?
A)   If it has flea beatle damage (little holes in the leaves)

I harvested my first batch of beets.  23 bunches- about four or five in a bunch.  They were all beautiful and large- many of them the size of baseballs.  I sold them to the CSA at about $3 a bunch, for a total of $66.  A drop in the bucket of the money I've put into this farm.  McKenzie has advised me to do a whole lot more beets and sell them because they are a fast turn around.  And.  Frankly, the rest of my farm isn't panning out so well.  ha ha.  When we harvested them she taught me to turn the bucket on its side and lay them root-forward so that when you turn the bucket right side up they are all neatly arranged root down. 

I enjoyed playing the role of "quality control" as we washed them.  What beets do I want my name on?  What beets do not meet my standard and are relegated to the take home pile?  I ended up taking home about a dozen.  McKenzie said that when you bake them they are "like candy".  So I baked them in honey and cinnamon and nutmeg and it turned out pretty gross.  They are not "like candy".  I think they will end up in the garbage.  So far, stir frying them has been my only success.  The problem with that is that it turns everything pink, which isn't very appetizing, but as long as it tastes good, I'm ok with it.  McKenzie did give me fabulous advice though, that you can stir-fry the leaves- which I did and they are great.  And you can chop up the stems and stir-fry with them, which I did, and they were great.  They're like celery. 

A BCS mower
She taught me how to use the BCS  mower.  I did all the weeds in the paths and it looks 100x better now. McKenzie said my shoulders would be sore from it.  I said I would not be sore because I work out a lot.  We made a bet.  This is the second bet we made. The first bet was when I was skeptical that the drip tape would be able to water the entire area under the black plastic.  Since I lost that bet (I knew I would), I warned her that if she loses this bet we'll be even again.  She still took me on.  And I have won this one.  I even did a leg workout at the gym so as not to throw off the results.

* Also known as the brassica or cruciferae family. It includes Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Collards, Kale, Kohlrabi, Mustard, Rape, Rutabaga and Turnip.

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  1. I like to cut the beets into wedges and roast them at 325-350 until tender ( I like mine just barely tender). Sometimes I sprinkle cajun seasoning before a nice little bite to 'em : )