Friday, July 2, 2010

My helpers

On the way to the farm yesterday my son was making fun of me when I told him I needed to buy stakes.  He said a real farmer would make them out of sticks them-self.  And honestly, in my head, that thought had occurred to me before.  We were just joking around, but when we got there the boys took the ax and Brandon carved a point pretty easily on the end of a branch and we decided that maybe we really could make our own stakes.  It's not something I recommend, in a cost/benefit analysis sort of way, but what a great experience for my boys!  They often role play as woodworkers in their online games.  Now they get to try it out for real.  I sent them into the woods to gather long thick sticks to chop up and sharpen.  We brought the ax home to sharpen too.  It was dull as a butter knife.  The most dangerous knife is a dull one- and I imagine that's true for axes too.  It reminds me of something Abe Lincoln said, "Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. "


  1. boys never tire of "guy stuff" do they? It's good that you are teaching them how to properly use an axe/knife....too many kids these days don't know how to properly use tools and that's what an axe is!

  2. That reminds me, Lynn, of when I was little you had this rule that you could climb a tree as far up as you could go without any help. That was such an awesome rule!! I'm that kind of mother myself: letting my kids explore their world and not being too over protective. Thanks for being a good role model for me. :) (Note to reader: Lynn is my mom's friend who used to babysit me. We go way back.)

  3. haha! there were many times I had to just close my eyes. You always have to ask yourself "is it because I am afraid or is it because it's really truly unsafe?" Funny thing is, my kids always thought I was overprotective (I think most children are like that) until they got to their teen years and realized how much they REALLY got to do compared to their friends : )