Friday, July 2, 2010

A ghetto surprise

I live in the city, above an African Salon ("Salon D'Afrique").  Next to my apartment is a laundromat.  Today I was in the garbage strewn parking lot, between the two buildings, putting my daughter in her stroller, when I saw in the cracks of the pavement an itty bitty carrot top.  I bent down and pulled it up by the roots and it did have a straight root like a carrot.  Could it be a wild carrot?  In the middle of the city?  I chewed it and, to my surprise, it was!  I looked around and found some more in other cracks!  I picked and ate them all.  (though, given their size, maybe "tasted" is a more appropriate word.)  It's so exciting to me to be gaining some agriculture knowledge, that I can spot a plant and recognize it's leaf.  It reminds me of a random project I once did, (I'm known for those) in which I picked, dried, and cataloged every type of weed in my yard.  There were literally hundreds of them.  I just taped them into this little crayola construction paper booklet.  I never bothered looking up their names, but I did have a good time putting them in categories of similarity- pointy leaves, round leaves, multiple leaves per stem, single leaf per stem, one vein per leaf, multiple veins per leaf, etc. etc.  It was loads of fun; a chance to just admire the diversity all around us that we take for granted.  I had fantasies of discovering a new species.

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