Friday, July 2, 2010

The beginning

I started saving seeds and vermicomposting as ways to satisfy the gardener in me- even though it's too late to start a garden now. And I have no land. My quest for land led me to find a local program called "World PEAS" run by Tufts University. It teaches people how to be farmers. I've already signed up for their course. And when it's done I get to lease a quarter acre from them at a dirt cheap (tee hee) price.

At the introductory class I got to talk to other people like myself! It was so gratifying to talk to someone in real life who understands me. We had the kind of conversations I could never have with normal people on the street. We could talk about dorky farming things like "Will Allen. You KNOW Will Allen?!" and "Evil corporations like Monsanto are trying to take over the world". And "What are your thoughts on HR 875?"

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